Social Investment

SAPREF contributes to the development of neighbouring communities through a range of sustainable projects. The social investment programme is focused on nine communities in close proximity to SAPREF's operations.

SAPREF believes that education is one of the best mitigators against poverty. As a result, a major portion of SAPREF's social investment budget is focused on educational initiatives.

Science centres
SAPREF continues to establish fully equipped science centres in neighbouring schools. To date SAPREF has established 18 science laboratories at schools.

SAPREF also supports a number of initiatives which assist schools, hospitals  and NGOs in their fundraising efforts.

 A funding window period is advertised annually during which time the Community based organisations (CBOs) and schools can apply for funding. In 2015, the following CBOs and schools were considered for funding through this process. 

Durban Business Fair

The Durban Business Fair provides an opportunity for SAPREF to establish business links with small and medium micro enterprises (SMMEs) who might become future suppliers to SAPREF. With this in mind, SAPREF contributes financially towards the fair. In addition, SAPREF sponsors SMMEs from the South Durban with exhibition stands  and marketing material to allow them to showcase and grow their business.