Company Structure

Company Structure

The SAPREF team is made up of a number of departments all working together to ensure that the refinery's vision and purpose are fulfilled. The refinery encourages a participative style of management and has a relatively flat organisation structure. The leadership team consists of the managing director, the engineering, technical, HSSE, finance, human resources, maintenance, hydrocarbons, operations and sustainable development managers. The next tier of management consists of section heads who lead various departments.

A summary of the each section is as follows:

Ton Wielers is the Managing Director of SAPREF. He heads the SAPREF leadership team and is the SAPREF representative on the company board.

The Turnaround and Projects is responsible for strengthening the refinery focus in improving reliability and integrity, and on the other hand focusing on the refineries project portfolio and all major Turnarounds. Moosa Karodia is SAPREF’s Turnaround and Projects Manager.

The Engineering Department is responsible for Integrity assurance. The engineering team provides professional discipline expertise in support of safe and reliable maintenance and operation of SAPREF’s site and associated facilities. It is formed by engineering and technical staff from inspection, projects, electrical, civil, mechanical, instrumentation and QMI.  Chris Kalaba is SAPREF's Engineering Manager.

The process technology team provides advise on process safety, plant operation, optimisation, process control, safeguarding, process modification and project development of SAPREF’s facilities. They also look at the long-term view of the refinery and develop projects to meet future specifications. The information technology section also forms part of the technical team, as does the laboratory, which is responsible for quality assurance of all products. Sivalingam Govender is SAPREF’s technical manager.

The HSSE team ensures that SAPREF facilities adhere to and improve their health, safety and environmental performance. An on-site clinic is available to provide primary health care to staff and contractors. Mbulelo Yokwe is SAPREF’s HSSE manager.

The finance team provides all treasury, controlling and accounting functions and is responsible for procurement of products and services. In addition, it is responsible for legal. Colin Muthusami is SAPREF’s finance manager.

The human resources team is responsible for staff recruitment, labour relations, training and benefits administrations. Lindiwe Khuzwayo currently heads the HR team.

The Production department is responsible for the refining and processing of crude oil which is separated and converted into valuable products. The management of the refining process is underpinned by responsible and efficient operational practices. Paramount to these practices are the assurance of process safety and ensuring that the refinery operates harmoniously with its personnel, the environment and the community. The SAPREF production department has a fully capable onsite emergency response outfit which can be speedily deployed should such a need arise. John Van Belkum is SAPREF’s Production Manager.

The Commercial department manages the assessment of the refinery performance, business improvement program, management systems, margin growth, short and long term production modeling and planning with shareholders, hydrocarbon accounting and SBM operation as well as other industry joint venture and external business relationships. Rodney Youldon is SAPREF’s Commercial Manager.

The maintenance department is accountable for the safe and efficient execution of all maintenance activities at the refinery and its associated facilities. Ricardo Roboam Valbuena is SAPREF’s maintenance manager.

The sustainable development department is responsible for social performance issues, including communications, social investment and stakeholder relations. Cindy Govender is SAPREF’s sustainable development manager.